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Triple R Horse Rescue After a short absense, one of our favorite and "oldest" clients is back in the stable at C2C, Triple R Horse Rescue in Cave Creek, Arizona.  During their time away, Triple R underwent a name change and many other things, but one thing did not change and that is their absolute 24/7 dedication to their horses and their mission.  The three R's in their name have a special meaning.  The first R stands for "Rescue."  The second R stands for "Re-home", and the third "Re-habilitate."  That is no small feat, as anyone in the horse business knows.

Someone I once knew was always fond of saying, "Put a horse in a rubber room, they will find a way to get hurt."  Triple R has taken nearly 100 horses through that process during the last year.  It costs hundreds to thousands of dollars for each, and Triple R continues to get the job done; no matter how difficult.

So; stop by their new site, and say, "Howdy."  You'll be glad you did.  Learning about the great work Ken Bacher and his all volunteer staff do day in and day out will at a minimum put a smile on your face.

Natural SolutionsC2C Consulting is VERY proud to welcome Wes Clouse to our stable of fine customers.  Wes is a 360 sort of guy.  He trains, provides ferrier services, and on top of that sells some of the best custom saddles in the valley.  I could say more, but I think Wes say to best.

"I was a city boy completely clueless when it came to horses, but I got a horse anyway. I had a friend suggest I check out a gentleman by the name of Pat Parelli. This was my first blessing and completely changed my mindset. I was then able to meet and ride with many incredible horsemen. There is no way I can name them all, but the two who have made the greatest impact on my life are Ray Hunt and Lee Smith. I was honored to be able to ride in a Ray Hunt clinic out at Mark and Lee Smith's ranch just prior to Ray passing on. It was an experience I will never forget. Lee Smith has been a friend and has inspired me for twenty years-scary to think it has been that long. If you ever get the chance to see or ride with Lee Smith, do not hesitate."

Wes might be a city boy by heritage, but don't kid yourself.  He's all country.  Check out his great offering of services and products.  Stop by and say, "Howdy."

Desert Wind at Lone Mountain C2C Consulting continues to grow its list of clients and the industries they represent.  The fresh, new website serving the many needs of the HOA, Desert Wind at Lone Mountain went on the air earlier this morning.

The Desert Wind at Lone Mountain community is located amidst the beautiful Sonoran Desert in the Northeast part of Phoenix, Arizona. Entrance into the community is at 52nd Street and Lone Mountain Road. Homeowners enjoy the natural area landscape and wildlife habitat that surrounds us, and appreciate the close proximity to local shopping facilities, restaurants, schools and churches. If we choose to enjoy the "city life" it is just 20-25 minutes away.

So, if your a resident or not, check out the site.  It represents a new breed of HOA website with all the social media and informational ties that folks would expect.  To the residents, "Congratulations!"

C2C Consulting, LLC is proud to include the National Association of Call Centers as one of its premier clients.  Since its inception in 2005, NACC has become one of the "Go To" sources for up to date information about the call center industry. Their growth is a testimony to the professionals in the call center industry who have sought quality and unbiased data for years and were waiting for an organization like ours to emerge and fill this large vacuum. From its austere beginnings collecting data in universities, to the emergence of the Call Center Research Laboratory at The University of Southern Mississippi in 2004, to the final creation of the National Association of Call Centers as a not-for-profit membership organization, NACC emerged as one of the leading membership organization and quality data repositories for the call center industry.

The team at C2C Consulting, LLC is proud to introduce one of its newest clients, Arizona Complete.  Since its beginning in 1978, Arizona Complete has been and is an independently owned and operated “general store” right here in the heart of Arizona.  The company’s roots are in vending, supplying snacks and beverages to the local Phoenix metro area.  After a few years as a vending company, the company expanded to be Arizona Complete Candy & Tobacco, distributing candy and tobacco to businesses across Arizona that included convenience stores, smoke shops, hospitals, hotels, and many of the Indian reservations around the state.  Then and now, Arizona Complete is proud to deliver quality and value to their customers.

That strategy has paid off, as some 30+ years later, Arizona Complete is one of the industry’s most respected distributors in Arizona.  With over 3,000 products, whether it be dry or frozen, hot or cold, snacks or candies, breakfast or lunch, tobacco or cigarettes, you name it, Arizona Complete has exactly what you need to keep your business stocked with the products your customers and employees crave.  We have the same products as our larger competitors, and some they don't.  In addition, we still provide vending services, keeping your area stocked with today's hottest, most popular items.

Desert Elite TournamentThe staff at C2C Consulting is proud to announce our newest client, Desert Foothills Soccer Club.  In preparation for their upcoming Desert Elite Inaugural Cup 2011 in September, the folks at DES approached us to build them a state of the art website to showcase the event.  The new site went live with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a tournament site.  While the content will continue to expand over the coming weeks, it has all the information sponsors, players, coaches, referees need to keep tabs on all the activities leading up to the September 2 event.

Check out the site at www.desertelitecup.com, and tell the folks there how much you appreciate the work they put into building the site and having a great vision for its future.  Soon the site will also offer a mobile version.  So, you PDA folks out there can access all the information you need more easily on your internet-enabled phones to keep current.

Carefree ChurchWe are pleased to announce our most recent partnership with an exciting, growing church in the Cave Creek area, Carefree Church. With a sense of humor and straight-forward style, Pastor Dwight Surratt provides a practical approach on applying the Bible to everyday living. They feature a very progressive mix of live music performed on stage weekly and children's and teen ministries. Check them out at www.carefreechurch.com to see the difference they are making.

Exceptional HorsemanshipWhile C2C is solving people's technical problems, Lauren Woodard of Exceptional Horsemanship is solving people's horse problems and horse's people problems. Lauren is another of our horse-lover clients that we recently had the pleasure of teaming up with to provide web hosting services. With features to allow for video, shopping and registration, Lauren is able to bring the level of service she provides to her students to a whole new level. Whether you've ever been interested in horses or it's been your way of life, check out www.exceptionalhorsemanship.com. We're sure you'll find Lauren is able to teach any old dog (or horse, or human) a few new tricks!

MTech Advisory Services Our staff is pleased to announce our most recent partnership with MTech Advisory Services, a company designed for marketing technology professionals as a resource for information, insight and interaction. MTech Advisory Services is focused to promote the entrepreneurs and professionals building and leveraging best of breed marketing technology. Check out their site today www.mtechadvisory.com for the most up-to-date information in marketing technology.

Saddletree ResearchOur staff is proud to announce our newest client, Saddletree Research. Saddletree Research has provided supply-side and demand-side market intelligence and advisory services to the contact center industry for over 10 years. Their new website is located at www.saddletreeresearch.com. Stop by and check out their great portfolio of services.


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